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Lake of Monteith, Stirling; would-be venue for rare curling bonspiel

By , 12th January 2010 14:35

Sorry to read that the hopes of Scottish curlers for a rare “bonspiel” have melted away.

One of the most eagerly awaited and rarest sporting events in Scotland – a mass curling competition involving 2,000 players on a frozen Highland loch – has been called off because of safety fears.

via Ban the bonspiel: Scotland’s curling fans gutted as mass match cancelled | UK news |

More on Scotland’s (by-definition) chilly curling landmarks can be found here.

Mapping historical curling places at the Royal Caledonian Curling Club

By , 22nd November 2009 12:01

While creating the map of sporting museums and collections, I was browsing around the website of the Royal Caledonian Curling Club when I stumbled upon a remarkable labour of love – a database of more than 2700 places in Scotland that have an association with the sport.

Fastidious members are progressively plotting the locations on a map which can be found at Historical Curling Places ( scroll down when the page opens).  Knowing how long it took to plot the 56 sporting museums, I tip my hat to my curling counterparts.  More sports should think about how they can exploit the internet to collate, preserve and share their heritage.

And curling has quite a heritage.  According to the RCCC website, curling’s written history dates back to February 1541 when John McQuhin reported a challenge about throwing stones across ice between a monk and a relative of the abbot at Paisley Abbey.

RCCC was founded in 1838 as the Grand Caledonian Curling Club and secured royal patronage in 1842.  In the context of the history of organised sport, the RCCC pre-dates the (English) Football Association – the world’s first football governing body – by a quarter of a century.

The Royal Caledonian Curling Club hopes to include a museum in the proposed Kinross National Curling Academy as mentioned here in the sport’s dedicated historical research blog.

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